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How to Fight Pests by In-Wall Pest Tube System Injections

Posted - 01/11/2012

An in-wall pest tube system is a permanent system of pest control consisting of tubes built into the walls of a building that deliver poisons, traps and other materials directly into walls and hollow areas where pests may be found. It's a relatively new method of pest control compared to more traditional traps and poisons, but it is also one that has grown in popularity due to the fact that it is non-intrusive and makes injecting the proper materials through a centralized location very simple. There are several advantages to having a pest tube system installed on one's home. Maintenance is relatively easy after the initial installation, and while those with a pest control problem may need to make at least a few regular calls to an exterminator to ensure that a problem is under control, the exterior centralized injection site that is a part of a well-built pest tube system mean that homeowners will not have to spend a lot of time setting traps and poisons in corners of a house. All that needs to be done is to inject material into the tube system. A pest tube system also keeps stains and orders out of sight. All the poisons are contained within the tubes as opposed to carpets or furniture. Pest tube systems are relatively easy to install, but as always it is recommended to ask a professional pest control company for assistance and advice. Source:
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